Media Browser: Round 2

This quick video shows some of the progress that was made at the NYC Media Sprint last week. While it departs from some of the earlier mockups that we did this past spring, this is functional in terms of browsing and is quite a bit better thought through- thanks to all the smart folks sitting around the table.

Mother Jones Build a Cover App Launches

I worked with MotherJones to produce a Drupal application that lets users create their own versions of the latest MotherJones cover. MotherJones wanted users to be able to upload their own photos and overlay a cover of their choice and add some text to the final image. Using Imagecache, Imagecache Actions, CCK, and some custom jQuery, I built a simple system that allows users to do this- all before rendering the image. You can check out the the application here: Climate Cover.

Media Sprint Reportback

One of the funny things about getting Drupal coders together in a room is that in my experience, more often than not, you get a whole lot less code than you would expect. What you do seem to get however are high level converstations about architecture, implementation, and user experience.