Freedom Not Militarism

The call for peace in Iraq should mean more than the absence of a new U.S.
invasion. For more than a decade, the Iraqi people have suffered under two
oppressive regimes. Hussein's dictatorship has not only severely repressed
political dissent but also pursued a murderous policy toward the Kurds. Even
the recent amnesty for almost all prisoners, while freeing many who were
unjustly incarcerated, underscores Hussein's brutality: it confirms
the "disappearance" of numerous inmates and compels those newly released to

Its the dang mime type!

Well, after consulting with micah yesterday evening, i discovered that the stupid layout problems with MT were not unique to me, and so i started doing a bit of research into why things looked so blechie. turns out the dang thing wasn't reading the css file, as a result of the mime type not being configured on the server end. so i added a wee bit of text to the htaccess file, and viola! a blog emerges from the nasty text zone. go figure.

Updating the code to is running the phpweblog code - a little odd, not so great, but it works well and its so damn customized at this point that i don't want to switch it off.... Anyhoo, i've been making some updates to the coding system. I added a emailwire which digests stories posted over the past weeks and spits out an email, as well as a next events which grabs the next five events and sends them out as well. what fun!