One click deployment? How about one push?

Yes, yes, one click deployment is amazing. And yet so last year. So I say, hell no, we want one push deployment. The dream cheeky USB button is neat. Let's deploy sites with it. This project is an example of how you might be able to do it: Deploytron.

Ok, so what does this really mean? With virtualized development environments, continous integration tools, and continous delviery tools we should be able to make changes to production sites predictably and easily. Deployment isn't an after thought, it's simply another step in the development process. And it should be easy. Hosting services are marketing tools to do specifically this. But frankly, it takes the fun out of it. 

You should be able to launch a site with some fan fare. Deliver a Deploytron box to your client and let them hit the button. Put names in a hat and let somebody in the office press the button. See how long it takes your cat to step on it.