Simpletest, Drush 8, test-run, and Exit Codes.

If you're using Drush to run your tests, swapping Drush version 6.x out for 8 isn't a simple replacement. First drush test-run has been removed so running Drupal simpletests now requires using the This would be workable, however under Drupal 7, scripts/ does not return correct exit codes so if you're relying on failed tests returning a 1 you are out of luck. While this has been fixed for Drupal 8, if you're running Drupal 7 you're going to have to go an alternate route.

Accessibility Linting

First, let me say that I am not an expert in web accessibility. Unfortunately I think most people who are web developers aren't. Worse, evaluating development work to understand how people interact with it is not only hard, it is often relegated to a "508 checklist" rather than being a core piece of how website and application development happens. Further, the tools that help evaluate a site for accessibility concerns often only catch the more glaring concerns, still requiring evaluation by people. testing with CircleCi

If you're using a continuous integration service it is pretty easy to add in-browser site performance testing to your suite of tests. is a fantastic tool for analyzing the render processing time (among other things) for sites- far beyond just looking at the time totals but specifics such as paint times, DOM content load and complete times, and more. If you're doing javascript heavy work or lots of intergrations with asynchronous or third party services this can be really helpful for tracking the improvement- or degradation- of your work.

One click deployment? How about one push?

Yes, yes, one click deployment is amazing. And yet so last year. So I say, hell no, we want one push deployment. The dream cheeky USB button is neat. Let's deploy sites with it. This project is an example of how you might be able to do it: Deploytron.

Ok, so what does this really mean? With virtualized development environments, continous integration tools, and continous delviery tools we should be able to make changes to production sites predictably and easily. Deployment isn't an after thought, it's simply another step in the development process. And it should be easy. Hosting services are marketing tools to do specifically this. But frankly, it takes the fun out of it.